Monday, January 25, 2010

Applying baby's passport at the Indian Embassy, South Korea

The information below relates to the application of a baby's passport (born in South Korea) at the Indian Embassy, Hannam-dong, Seoul.

This is what I had done for our new born baby!

We need to make payments for registration of the baby's birth as well for the Indian passport.

It may be a good idea to request the Korean hospital for two prints of the birth certificate in English, since the original needs to be submitted at the embassy and birth certificate is also needed while applying for the child's visa/alien card.

It is a very quick process to submit the documents at the embassy. Should take about 25 days to receive the child's passport.

With the receipt from the embassy, visa for the baby can be applied for at the immigration office.

Documents needed to be taken to the Indian Embassy:
  • Birth certificate of baby in English(Original)
  • Marriage certificate of parents( original + photocopy)
  • Passports of parents ( original + photocopies)
  • Alien cards of parents ( original + photocopies)
  • 4 passport photos of the baby ( white background, eyes looking into camera, both ears visible)
  • Passport App Form
  • Additional Form(CIPPS System)

Charges : 125,000 won (as of Nov 2012)

Embassy related Info: 

Consular Services timings:
Submission time: 9:30 - 12:30 Mon-Fri  on all working days
Delivery time: 16:00 - 17:00

For further information you could refer to the Indian embassy website:

Ms. Chung yeo-jin (Consular Assistant 02-798-4257 Extn.108) at the embassy is a very helpful person. It may be useful to contact her before heading for the embassy.


    1. Thanks for the good information, Vijay!

      I went for the passport of my baby yesterday (on 12 November 2012). So I have some latest or missing information to add:

      a) Now they charge 125,000 won (as of Nov 2012)
      b) Though at most of the places, need of four photographs is mentioned, only three are needed. One on application form, one on CIPPS form and one more which they collect. But it is better to carry more to be on safer side.

      Additionally, I would like to mention that subway station (Hannam) is very near to the embassy and the way from the station to embassy is straight. So subway could be a good way to reach there for somebody who does not understand the bus route way well. Personally, I use Metroid app on my Galaxy mobile to get information of Metros. After coming out of station, I used google map. The embassy was easy to find.

      And finally, the Korean staff there is very helpful and soft spoken. I had to go to just one counter. The girl on counter checked all my foms and docs and asked me to go to nearby KEB bank to submit fees and submit the receipt on the same counter. The whole process including going to bank and submitting fees and its receipt took just 20-25 minutes. It was very good experience. Much smoother than I expected..

      1. Thanks Devendra for your feedback and your updated information!

    2. Hi ,
      Thanks for the helpful information. Just one question: is it required for the baby to be present in the embassy for passport application or the gather can do himself for baby.